Karen Purcell
P: (586) 445-3661
The Eastpointe Clerk's Office issues all dog licenses for the City.  Bring in a valid rabies vaccination certificate/paperwork from a licensed veterinarian's office to purchase the dog license.  If your dog is neutered or spayed, bring that paperwork in for a discounted price.  (Dog licenses are not available online or via phone at this time.  In person, by mail or drop-box are the current purchase options.)

How soon must I buy a license when I move into the City?
You must obtain a license within the first 30 days of moving into the City.

How soon must I buy a license when I acquire a new dog?
If the dog is older than four months, you have 30 days from the date you acquired the dog.

How soon must I buy a license for a new puppy?
You must obtain a license within 30 days after your puppy becomes four months old and has received
its vaccination for rabies. A puppy license is available at a lower cost. Call the City Clerk's office at
(586) 445-3661 #8 for more information.

What should I bring when I come to purchase my license?
You will need to provide a signed Rabies Vaccination Certificate from a licensed veterinarian, and if
your dog has been spayed/neutered since the last license was purchased, a copy of that paperwork for

How much does a dog license cost?
1 Year Dog License - will expire March 1, 2023
Neuter/Spay dogs:      $   7.00
Male/Female dogs:      $13.00

3 Year Dog License* - will expire March 1, 2025
Neuter/Spay dogs:    $10.00
Male/Female dogs:   $25.00
*Only available for dogs whose rabies vaccines expire in 2024 or 2025.

In person payments of cash, check or money orders (payable to City of Eastpointe), debit/credit cards accepted.
Mail or drop box payments suggested check or money orders (payable to City of Eastpointe).

Are there any late fees?
Yes, any dog licensed after March 1st will be charged an additional $10.00 late fee.  (This does not apply to a new pet within the 30 day limit, or a puppy who turns 4 months old after March 1st.)

Does Eastpointe have breed restrictions or # of dog limits?
Eastpointe does not have any breed restrictions, and the maximum dog limit per household is 3.

Why is a license required, and does my dog have to wear the tag issued?
The purpose of a dog license is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Eastpointe residents, employees, business owners, and visitors; and to prevent unhealthy and unsafe conditions in neighborhoods, and further to notify owners of lost or impounded dogs.
All dogs shall be licensed in accordance with state law, MCL 287.266 and city ordinance, Section 8.  The city enforces these laws and ordinances through the Animal Control Officer, Police Department and Door-to-Door Canvassers.
Section 8-9(f) of City Ordinance states that all dogs shall have and wear at all times a collar with the license tag securely attached.  This way if your dog gets out, it can make it that much easier to reunite you with your pet.

If my dog is a show dog, are there any allowances for this?
Yes, show dogs are only permitted to get 1 year licenses and will be charged $10.00 per dog - with proof that the dog was in at least two shows the previous year.  Please call the office for more information if this pertains to your situation.

If you still have questions regarding dog licensing that was not answered on this site,  please contact the office Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm or leave a message.

Here is some "New for 2022" information!

  • Tuesday, August 2, 2022 State Primary Election
  • Tuesday, November 8, 2022 State General (Governor) Election
Polls will be open from 7:00 am - 8:00 pm on these two Election Days.
Absentee Ballot Applications available soon for one or both elections to be held in 2022.

New Voter Information Cards have been mailed out (April 13, 2022) to all registered voters in the City of Eastpointe.  "Statewide Redistricting " has been completed and approved by the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission as a result of the passage of Proposal 18-3.  With these changes, the City of Eastpointe's voters will now have new district numbers for those who represent them.  For example, Eastpointe's US Congressional District number changed from #09 to #10; Eastpointe's State Senate District number changed from #09 to #11; Eastpointe's State Representative District changed from #018 to #12; and Eastpointe's County Commissioner District changed from #03 to #13.  If you ever have a need or interest to contact any of these representatives, your new 2022 Voter Information Card will be helpful when you look up who your representative is as a registered voter of Eastpointe.

You do not need to return these to City Hall, they are yours to keep for reference.  These also do not need to be presented to vote on Election Day, but will be helpful to locate what voting precinct number you are in and where you would go to vote in person.  If you normally vote by absentee (mail in) ballot, this card will not affect that status as it is provided for reference.

If you received your card and still have questions, please contact the Clerk's Office-Elections Department at 586-445-3661 x2200 or by emailing krich@eastpointecity.org.

If you did not receive a new information card, you may not currently be an active registered voter of the City of Eastpointe.  You can check your voting status by visiting  www.michigan.gov/vote 
You can also register to vote, update your voting information, and/or request an absentee ballot from this website also.

Precinct Map
At this time, no changes were made to the City of Eastpointe's 14 "in-person" voting precincts.  Here is the city's most recent precinct map.  

Voting in Michigan Video 
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