Permit applications are the same for Homeowner or Contractor, as well as all fees. If a Contractor is the one doing the work, they should be the one to pull the permit. 
A Homeowner can pull a permit for their house if they also reside there.  Permits for non-owner-occupied properties must be applied for by the Contractor. 
A permit must be pulled prior to work commencing or a penalty fee will apply.

If you are a contractor and have not done work in our city, we will need to register you; once registered we can provide you with a BSA pin number. 
Contractor Registration Form

Building Permit:
New Construction,  Remodel, Sheds, Swimming pools,  Demolition, etc.
*Must provide site plan with application*  
                    Sample Site Plan- Porch

Building Permit Application

Roof: full tear off or recover (2 layer maximum). Open roof photos or work affidavit required. 
Roof Permit Application

Fence: Residential or Commercial, must obtain signature from affected neighboring property owners
*Must provide site plan with application*
                    Sample Site Plan- Fence

Fence Permit Application

Signs: all sign types must conform with ordinance requirements, subject to approval.
Sign Permit Application

Mechanical Permit Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Electrical Permit Application


Public Works permits must be submitted at the Treasurer's window in City Hall, these are not available through BSA.
Public Works Permit