Medical marihuana districts are intended to provide opportunities for the development of certain medical marihuana facilities that have been granted a permit by the city and have been granted a state license pursuant to the MMFLA. The city desires to allow approved medical marihuana facilities to operate exclusively within those zoning districts as identified in the below Ordinances and that comply with the requirements of the buffer districts, and separation standards.

Please review all information below pertaining to Medical Marihuana. If you have any questions, please contact the City Attorney Richard Albright at 

Ordinance 1183
Ordinance 1184
Ordinance 1203
Ordinance 1208

Resolution 21-1928 and Policy

Analysis Map - Protected Uses 
Parcels Potentially Eligible for Medical Marihuana Facilities 

Application Information Sheet
Hearing Officer Rules of Procedure 
Checklist for Facility Application 
Application for Medical Marihuana Facility 
Supplemental Application Scoring Checklist 
Medical Marijuana Application Application Process - Updated October 19, 2021