Elected:  11/05/2019
Term Expires:  11/2023

Monique Owens is what many identify as a trailblazer. Setting the standard high as an influential leader with poise, class, and historical determination, Monique Owens continues to show what excellence looks like. Monique Owens was elected in 2017 as Eastpointe’s first black councilwoman.  She continued to raise the bar in 2019 as Eastpointe’s first black and youngest mayor ever to hold office in Macomb County’s history.

 Her fight for social justice in creating equality across the board started in her work as a Wayne County Sheriff wanting to do more than enforce the law but create laws that would ensure a better quality for all.  She was chosen to attend the Bloomberg Harvard program that included 40 mayors worldwide that gave mayors the resources to be better leaders from the top educators from all over the United States.

 Her gifted talents as a comedian in her younger years allowed her to connect with the world by using humor to steer joy in a world. Her efforts to educate our youth-led her to write a children’s book, “Mom, What’s A Mayor?’’ that teaches about how local government works and how to be apart of the government process.  She also started an Owens Political Consulting Firm to help those running for office to be strategic in planning a more successful campaign. She continues to work closely in her community to understand their wants and needs and work head-on to make sure that those things happen.  She lives with her twin daughters Kameron and Kayden in Eastpointe, Michigan. Her favorite Bible quote is “I can do all things through Christ,” and she continues to let others know they can too.