Board of Ethics

Current Members: 

Name Position  Contact  Term
Stacy Cobb-Muniz Chair
Councilmember Lucido Nomination

Appointed: 7/2018
Term Expiration: 7/1/2020
Michael Jones  Member
Mayor Owens Nomination

Appointed: 7/2018
Term Expiration: 7/1/2021
Rob Baker Member 
Councilmember DeMonaco Nomination

Appointed: 1/2021
Term Expiration: 6/30/2023
Gary Sasek Member 
Councilmember Baker Nomination

Appointed: 7/2018
Term Expiration: 7/1/2022
Lynn Tubben Member 
Councilmember Curley Nomination Appointed: 
Term Expiration: 6/30/2021
Elke Doom Secretary  
Richard Albright City Attorney, Legal Advisor  


The Board of Ethics is established to hear complaints against officers and employees of the City and, when there is reasonable basis to believe that the respondent has violated section 2-101 of the ordinance, to refer those complaints for prosecution and/or disciplinary hearing by the appointing authority. The board of ethics authority shall be in addition to any authority of department heads over subordinates. 

Review the full Ordinance


The Mayor and Council members shall nominate one person to serve on the Board, and all nominations shall be subject to Council approval. 


Members appointed shall serve for a term of three years. 


Scheduled As Needed 
Meetings are currently being conducted virtually, pursuant to the City of Eastpointe Resolution No. 21-1920, that allows for meetings to be conducted remotely due to the hardships imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
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