The Finance Director is appointed by the City Manager.  The Finance Director also serves as the City Treasurer.
The City Treasurer distributes and collects property tax bills for the following entities:

State of Michigan
Macomb Community College
Macomb Intermediate School District
School Districts of East Detroit and South Lake
County of Macomb
City of Eastpointe

About 30,000 tax bills are mailed each year. For residents with tax escrow accounts on their mortgages, check the escrow statement for tax payments. For all other payments, the cancelled check serves as the customer's receipt.


Additional responsibilities include:

Maintenance of the financial health or position of the city.

Investment of surplus funds

Management of payroll and employee benefits

Administration of employee pension system

Billing and collection of special assessments


Five-Year Budget Forecast 






Deadline: September 1

Summer taxes are due without interest:

  1. If paid in full on or before September 1 or,
  2. If one-half is paid by September 1, and the second half is paid on or before December 1.

Click here for additional information on late taxes


School Taxes (July Tax Bill):

East Detroit and South Lake school districts have requested that 100% of school taxes be billed on the July (Summer) tax bill.

Macomb County Taxes:

Macomb County has requested that the county operating taxes be billed on the July (Summer) tax bill.


If you are eligible, summer taxes can be deferred until February 15. Click here for qualifications for deferral of taxes


Many ways to pay your taxes:

  1. Mail To: City of Eastpointe 23200 Gratiot Avenue Eastpointe, MI 48021
  2. The following local branches accept City of Eastpointe tax payments:First State Bank
  3. Taxes may be paid at the Treasurer's office during regular working hours. Those hours are: Monday - Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  4. An after-hours drop box is located behind City Hall in the parking lot. Do not put cash in drop box.
  5. Taxes may be mailed by returning the tax bill along with your payment (do not send cash) to receive proper credit. To avoid late charges, payments must be postmarked no later than the due date on the reverse side of the bill. No exceptions. Your canceled check will serve as your receipt.
  6. To pay by check, please make checks payable to: Treasurer, City of Eastpointe. Write your Parcel Identification Number on your check for reference. Checks are accepted only as conditional payment. If not honored by the bank, tax is unpaid and subject to penalties and/or interest.





Summer (City, County Operating, and School) Taxes

Payable July 1, through September 1. Beginning September 2, add one (1%) percent per month for each calendar month thereafter on the unpaid balance through February. As of February 16, an additional two (2%) percent penalty will be charged to any unpaid balance. All late payments must be received by the City of Eastpointe Treasurer on or before February 28


Beginning March 1, all unpaid taxes must be paid to Macomb County Treasurer's Office, One South Main Street, Mt. Clemens, MI 48043, with additional penalties. During the month of March, a revised statement from the city treasurer must accompany the remittance to the County Treasurer.


Winter (County Debt and Huron-Clinton Metro Authority) Taxes

Payable December 1, through February 15, without penalty. As of February 16, a three (3%) percent penalty will be added. All late payments must be received by the City of Eastpointe Treasurer on or before February 28

Beginning March 1, all unpaid taxes must be paid to Macomb County Treasurer's Office, One South Main Street, Mt. Clemens, MI 48043, with additional penalties. Contact the Macomb County Treasurer's Office at (586) 469-5190 to determine the current tax amount due.





Homeowners can delay paying summer taxes until February 15 if the total household income is $40,000 or less (as shown on the Michigan Homestead Property tax return, line 30) as long as the taxpayer can be classified as one of the following:

Taxpayers may claim a deferment by filing an application for deferment of summer taxes. A deferral form is available at City Hall. Taxpayers eligible for deferral must file an “Application of Deferment” on or before September 15. (Note - Deferral Form requires "Acrobat Reader", available as a free download from the Adobe website.)


Deferment Application


Required Documentation for Tax Deferment:

Application for Deferment

Original Tax Bill

Signed copy of Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim for the current year

Note: Proof of eligibility must be presented when filing.




A Drop Box is conveniently located behind City Hall in the parking lot to accept your after-hours payments.  NO CASH PLEASE.  You may also pay your water, sewer and tax bills online using a debit or credit card or E-check (convenience fees will apply). Tax bills paid online must be paid in full in one payment. 


Online Water, Sewer and Tax Payment


Water/Sewer Billing Information (2017-18 Water & Sewer Rates).




General Office(586) 445-3661
Financial Director- Randy Blum(586) 445-3661, hit option 6
Water Billing/Usage(586) 445-3661, hit option 5
Final Meter Reading(586) 445-3661, hit option 5
Taxes(586) 445-3661, hit option 6
Fax (water/sewer/tax)(586) 445-4392